Vancouver Island Tourism

The tourism on Vancouver Island has been quite significant and attractive for those who are looking for a green scenery, surrounded by evergreen pine trees, deep blue seas, and the winter blows of the wind passing through mountains and the lush green field of grass and beautiful crops. If you are planning to spend your golden holiday vacation in the magnificent island of Vancouver, it is best to first know a bit information about each of the best tourist spots and the most popular ones too; this would be the best chance to decide whether or not you will love the activities and community available in your chosen destination.

Let us gradually go to the top destinations in Vancouver Island one by one, and of course, you may also go out and search on your own for more detailed information. It is very much recommended to head and check out their official website as there is, for sure, a bunch of details on getting your way around.


The city is known for its architectural heritage having the ocean at its front door and the forest at the back. Victoria, the capital of British Columbia, is a perfect place for those who are seeking outdoor adventures and fun. Any activity, ranging from natural history museum, blooming public park, unique shops and cafes, cycling routes which will allow you to roam freely on your own.

If you are looking for an adventure out there, then you must go try whale watching or go out the beaches and lakes and have a night camping with friends while chit chatting around the bonfire, you could also go kayaking or choose to spend the day with an island tour.


Nanaimo is the second largest city in Vancouver Island giving a home to 75,000 outdoor opportunities. Nanaimo is also the center for celebrating festivals like harbor’s Bathtub Race. You can get to this paradise of adventure through air or by fast ferry from downtown Vancouver. Going here, you must consider yourself adventure enthusiasts because there will be a little room for boring indoor activities. Although you will surely have fun in the city’s night transformation as the people groove to the music. Mainly, you should try climbing and caving, golf, hiking, or ziplining and bungee jumping. All the fun, right? If you love winter, there are also lots of activities like skiing and snowboarding well that is if you decide to go here during the cold season. Altogether, regardless of the season, you will still have fun.


If surfing is what you are looking for, then Tofino is the best place to  spend your summer at. Located on the west coast of Vancouver Island, this is where you will find a superb surfing experience.  Mentioning that, Tofino is obviously busiest during summer. We advise that you book in advance and settle hotels, visas, and every surfing get-up you’d bring. The locals call their lovely town as The Tree Loving Capital of the World; any guess why it’s called that? Well, by the name itself I am sure you get a good guess.


Located on the east coast of Vancouver Island, Courtenay is blessed with exquisite scenery and fun activities. On top of the list are hiking, mountain biking, golf, heritage touring, visiting farms and vineyards, touring on a breathtaking and unique garden and fossil hunting. Why not? There are 80-million-year souvenirs available in Courtenay found at the Courtenay & District Museum & Palaeontology Centre. Awesome, huh?

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