Best Places to Stay at Vancouver Island

Vancouver Island always has something to offer for everyone who loves to explore or travel. Before leaving for your trip, we are sure that one thing you are concerned about is the place where you will have a restful beauty sleep. There is a handful of locations on Vancouver Island where you could spend the night relaxing and erasing all your stress. We randomly selected our personal choice where we think it’s the best out there. Of course, as we always say, you can check out on your own and do a little research on the items we will mention. This will be just a guide for you and your friends or family who will beĀ traveling to Vancouver Island.

Inn At Laurel Point

The Inn is located at Inner Victoria Harbour surrounded with greens and waters. The place will be surely enjoyed by those who love both architectural designs and nature. This is also a good option to keep close to the action in the vibrant city of Victoria. If you are choosing a suite, then you will be having a breathtaking view of the double ocean, the sun setting, not to mention stars at night. We consider this inn, one of the top luxury suites in Vancouver Island. There is also an on-site restaurant in the area where you can enjoy a romantic and memorable dinner.

Old House Village Hotel & Spa

If you have a thing for vintage houses, then this could be the best choice. Although the hotel is quite modern with the technologies available, the architecture gives a rustic effect inside and outside giving people a warming welcome. If you choose to have a suite in this place, you will get a spacious room with vaulted ceiling, and it comes with a balcony too. There is also a heated pool available for travelers which do not come to many places on Vancouver Island.

Prestige Oceanfront Resort

By the name itself, the place is located at the South Islan region close to the seaside town of Sooke. Experience a relaxing spa, a meal accompanied by the view of the ocean; it is for sure a cozy place to stay in. If you are planning to have your adventures at Sooke, then this is the perfect place. At Sooke, you can go whale watching, deep sea fishing, hiking, kayaking and lots of outdoor activities. The hotel boasts the unique interior design of the rooms giving you a feel of a real home.

Osprey Beach House

Now, a private cottage would not be a bad idea on your getaway, right? Located at the Chesterman Beach, this cottage has three-bedroom, and it is also pet-friendly. It also offers a short walk and direct access to the beach. The cottage is complete with gourmet kitchen, floor-to-ceiling picture glass windows, and a fireplace. If you both love the trees and the beach, then this is a perfect choice.…

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