Top 5 Wilderness Lodges in BC

Adventure is out there, as Ellie of the movie Up said. If you are looking out there for an absolute fun and exciting activities, it’s best to go for the wilderness lodges in British Columbia.

Disconnect to the life in the city and the pile of paperwork on your desk and start reconnecting again with your loved ones and nature when you book a trip to some of the most popular wilderness lodges in British Columbia. BC offers deep comfort and delish food perfect to end the day after a tiring and exhilarating horseback riding, hiking, or fishing.

If there is a thing that you would best remember in the trip aside from your action-packed day adventure, it’s the lodge where you will be spending the night under the starry skies. So, it’s a must to consider where you will be the night with, not just the whole day itinerary for your whole adventure. Lodges in the wilderness in British Columbia will definitely guarantee you comfort beyond imagination, peace, nature, and a soft luxurious rest during the night. Before you dive into a long list of recommendations and reviews, we would like to help you and give a hint to a few best places to spend your adventurous vacation.

Tweedsmuir Park Lodge

This place is situated into the Great Bear Rainforest presenting dense hectares of green lush trees, surrounded by crystal clear rivers, and the deep waters of glaciers. It’s 400 miles up the coast of British Columbia from Vancouver.

Visit Tweedsmuir Park Lodge if you desire to do either grizzly bear viewing, river rafting, nature walks, fishing, hiking, bird watching or horseback riding. Overall, the place is ideal for all wondering individuals.

Siwash Lake Wilderness Resort

Accredited as unique lodges fo the world by National Geographic, Siwash Lake Wilderness Resort started in the early 1900s. Experience both western style but luxurious glamping adventure when you visit and booked for a fly fishing activity, marksmanship, archery, hiking, wilderness survival, or their leisure activity options for those who want to try out a more relaxing and unwinding pursuit.

You can visit their official website to book and experience the authenticity of a wilderness adventure.

Echo Valley Ranch & Spa

Found in the breathtaking setting of BC’sthe Cariboo Mountains, Echo Valley Ranch & Spa will give a vacation memories like no other. Experience a magical relaxation when you book in one of their cozy and luxurious lodge where you will be surrounded by green lush grass fields.

You can choose to book for a guided horseback riding for 2 hours, 5 hours, and 1-hour riding lessons. If you feel too tired from your travel, you can also choose to relax and have a spa relaxation

West Coast Wilderness Lodge

Get a taste of British Columbia’s amazing temperate rainforest when you book a tour with West Coast Wilderness Lodge which is located at Princess Louisa Inlet. Choose the best package for you, from two-night adventure, two-night signature getaway package, three-night explorer’s package, and a three-night signature package.

Tsylos Park Lodge

One of the best wilderness lodges in British Columbia, Tsylos Park Lodge boasts the scenic view of Chilko Lake and river surrounded by the majestic mountains. This getaway will surely give you the break you deserve, away from the chaotic setup of the city. If you love adventure, the wild, and has a passion for the outdoor activity, you should definitely book in Tsylos Park Lodge.

Once you book in one of their packages, you will only think about your adventure in the camp because their basic package will include your flight, Seven Nights’ Tent Accommodations, your scrumptious meals, tent, sleeping pad, duffel bag, horse, tack, and saddle bag.…

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Best Places to Stay at Vancouver Island

Vancouver Island always has something to offer for everyone who loves to explore or travel. Before leaving for your trip, we are sure that one thing you are concerned about is the place where you will have a restful beauty sleep. There is a handful of locations on Vancouver Island where you could spend the night relaxing and erasing all your stress. We randomly selected our personal choice where we think it’s the best out there. Of course, as we always say, you can check out on your own and do a little research on the items we will mention. This will be just a guide for you and your friends or family who will be traveling to Vancouver Island.

Inn At Laurel Point

The Inn is located at Inner Victoria Harbour surrounded with greens and waters. The place will be surely enjoyed by those who love both architectural designs and nature. This is also a good option to keep close to the action in the vibrant city of Victoria. If you are choosing a suite, then you will be having a breathtaking view of the double ocean, the sun setting, not to mention stars at night. We consider this inn, one of the top luxury suites in Vancouver Island. There is also an on-site restaurant in the area where you can enjoy a romantic and memorable dinner.

Old House Village Hotel & Spa

If you have a thing for vintage houses, then this could be the best choice. Although the hotel is quite modern with the technologies available, the architecture gives a rustic effect inside and outside giving people a warming welcome. If you choose to have a suite in this place, you will get a spacious room with vaulted ceiling, and it comes with a balcony too. There is also a heated pool available for travelers which do not come to many places on Vancouver Island.

Prestige Oceanfront Resort

By the name itself, the place is located at the South Islan region close to the seaside town of Sooke. Experience a relaxing spa, a meal accompanied by the view of the ocean; it is for sure a cozy place to stay in. If you are planning to have your adventures at Sooke, then this is the perfect place. At Sooke, you can go whale watching, deep sea fishing, hiking, kayaking and lots of outdoor activities. The hotel boasts the unique interior design of the rooms giving you a feel of a real home.

Osprey Beach House

Now, a private cottage would not be a bad idea on your getaway, right? Located at the Chesterman Beach, this cottage has three-bedroom, and it is also pet-friendly. It also offers a short walk and direct access to the beach. The cottage is complete with gourmet kitchen, floor-to-ceiling picture glass windows, and a fireplace. If you both love the trees and the beach, then this is a perfect choice.…

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The Vancouver Island: Things to Do

Everyone surely needs a break from hell weeks we all go through. We can’t dodge all the stress from work, family, friends, and all our life issues. That is why there are places made for the stressed one to unwind and relax once in their lifetime. One of the best options to have some fun is to fly and visit the Vancouver Island because nothing beats the healing power of being one with nature. Yes, from the sound of the name itself, Vancouver Island is surrounded by the goodness of nature from the blue seas and the high cold mountains to the lush green grass; it is truly an astounding and breathtaking destination to relax.

There are various activities you could do on Vancouver Island, and we are confident that there will be no time to think about the piled paper works at your desk or the deadline that’s keeping you stressed all week. All you are going to think about is the fun that you will be doing on Vancouver Island, and you will never want to go back to your same old boring office. Everything that you are thinking of doing in a paradise – all of that, you can do it on Vancouver Island. Let us start with the outdoor activities that you crave fro, the water activities that you will surely try, winter activities, of course, parks and wildlife that you only watch on television, there are attractions and entertainment as well, festival and event fro those who love parties and people, touring and sightseeing, food, arts, culture, and history will be there too!

Outdoor Activities

There are sure a lot of the menus so make sure to have a full blast gateway itinerary when going to this island. If you are an adventurous person, then this is definitely for you! The place is perfect for biking, camping in the woods while fishing with you friends, or perhaps climbing and caving if you love discovering and conquering heights – this will be surely worth it because the view at the top will be utterly breathtaking. You could also gold all day with colleagues, or go on for a horseback riding and feel like an action star. Hiking is also a good option if you want to get reunited with nature. For those who are fearless and dauntless, you can go skydiving and gliding, bungee jumping and zipline.

Water Activities

We know, there will be at least two or three persons in the group who love to take a real dive to the waters. Fret not, because this dream paradise we are talking about is surrounded by water and there are a whole lot of water activities to try. First, there are lots of beaches on the island, and everyone could go on for a dip; children, teens, adults, everyone is invited and could take a dive. Boating and sailing are another options if you just to watch as the wave goes by or do fishing until the sun sets and cook them at the night bonfire in the woods, fun isn’t? There are also cruises and boat tours to try; this is a good chance to see island to island and take your excellent instagrammable shot. If you are thinking that it is just cold and winter in Canada, there is also hot springs to keep you from the cold freezing climate or try kayaking and canoeing while sightseeing at the same time. If you are a sport-loving person, do not worry because you can also surf and do river rafting with your friends while screaming at the top of your lungs as the water splashes with might. All the fun, huh?

Touring and Sightseeing

Of course, no one would go to a foreign country or an unfamiliar place without sightseeing. Like a whole lot of the activities we discussed earlier, there are also a lot of places to enjoy. If you are the type of person who loves history and art, then Vancouver Island is a wealthy country with arts, culture, and history. You could also choose to go out and enjoy the exquisite taste of food and wine on the island. Coming in a group, it is best to get group package tours from various activities such as outdoor, sightseeing, water, wildlife, and winter trips. For more information, you may send us a message.…

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Top Things You Should Always Bring when Traveling

Deciding to go out on a trip soon? Of course, you should keep in mind all the things to bring before going out; you would not want to go through the hassle of buying things on the road and not to mention opening your luggage to sneak it in. Whether you are a first-time traveler or a pro, we all need that checklist to start on going down weeks before our trip or vacation.

  1. Travel documents, cash, credit cards

Relevant documents, securing cash, and credit cards are the most important things to ensure before traveling. Ideally, you should keep a list down containing:

– Passport and Visa (if required)

– Personal and valid IDs

– Loyalty cards for hotels and cab

– Cash and credit cards

– Health insurance documents

– Travel insurance information

– Hotel and tour contact details or receipt

Contact addresses in case of emergency

  1. Packing your personal luggage and hand-carry bag

Keep in mind that the things you can carry in your hand-carry bag vary depending on the airline you will be riding. It is also convenient to put all your essentials in the carry-on bag like:


– Mobile device and charger

– Earphones or headset

– Camera, batteries (if needed), and charger

– Universal adapters

Travel Essentials

– Travel pillow, eye mask, ear plugs

– Guide books, map, language book, maps

– Books

– Book and pen

– Medicine and vitamins

– Hand sanitizer, tissue, and wet wipes

  1. Planning what to bring

Where are you going? It’s important to think what activities you will be most doing once you get there, like will you be on outdoor activities, water sports, or just land tours? The clothes and things you should bring should match the activities you will be going for. Let us go down to the basics:

– Thin or lightweight clothes (if it is not winter)

– Casual t-shirts

– Pair of socks

– Sweaters or jackets

– Belt

– Sleepwear

– Underwear

– Shoes for walking or swimming

– Dresses and jewelry

– Swimming gear and suits

  1. Packing toiletry

Of course, toiletries should never go out of the list. Although hotels have freebies and toiletries, it is very convenient to have and bring your bag of bathroom essentials.

– Toothbrush and toothpaste, floss and mouthwash

– Hair brush/comb, hair ties, hair blower/iron

– Shampoo, conditioner, and soap

– Sunscreen and insect repellent

– Face wash and makeup remover

– Personal and feminine hygiene products

– Makeup kit

– Shaving kit

– First aid kit

  1. Bringing extra bags

It is also crucial to think about your mini items that you will bring while you are away from your hotel room. It’s best to bring mini bags for essential items when going out or bags that will match your outfit.

  1. Checking everything before leaving

Finally, check what needs to get done before disappearing for a while like the pending bills, any package arriving, your plants or pets, water heater or aircon, plugged electronics, and light systems.

We are quite sure that you still might have something to add on the list, what is important is that securing all the most essential items before flying or traveling away. Bon voyage!…

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Must Try Food in Nanaimo City

When we all go out and have fun in some unfamiliar places, all we first see and check are the activities we could there – erm, not really? Let us all be honest; we are first checking on some beautiful and delicious place to feed our craving and look if there are new dishes to try that would make the travel quite great and extra fun. In Vancouver Island, there are lots of restaurant and dining places to try. We could just not go down the list, but we will try to list some of the top dishes you should try. This article is not only for food lovers and blogger but for all those who will go out and visit the beautiful Vancouver Island.

Nanaimo Bars

Nope, you should never miss this one out because this one falls back to 1953 recipes of the local in Nanaimo. Nanaimo bar is a favorite sweet dessert of everyone. It’s very easy to make; made from main butter, cocoa powder, egg, shredded coconut, and almond. We are sure that you will never forget this sweet treat from the Nanaimo city.

Salt Spring Island Lamb 

Where else could you get this tender and unique flavoring lamb? There is a reason why the Queen loves this dish so much, right? So, we highly recommend this delicacy while you are at your short visit.

Sockeye Salmon

Since Nanaimo is surrounded by waters, you could at least expect that there will lots of seafood in your menu. Sockeye Salmon is fresh from the B.C waters filled with rich flavorings that you will surely love.

West Coast Fish Chowder

Soup made from rockfish star and smoked candied salmon. West Coast Fish Chowder is perfect to warm your tummy from a cold travel or your freezing walk along the beaches on the island.

Spot Prawns

These prawns are one of the island’s best delicacies to try. It is served fresh and savored with veggies as a side. The large prawns are harvested early in their 6-8 week season to keep the freshness and taste.

Wild Onion and Mushroom Tart

Never seen one or tried one before? This dessert is topped with parmesan cheese, morel mushrooms fried with wild onions. What could go wrong? This is perfect to try chew on while sightseeing at the beautiful Vancouver Island.

Dungeness Crab Salad

Made with Dungeness crab mixed with Okanagan apricot and rolled into radish and nasturtium for a delightful munching moment. This is also perfect for those who keep a close eye on their diet while still on the trip.

There is still so much out there to try. Sorry, but if we try to discuss everything, this year will end, and we are still talking about delicacies in Vancouver Island or Nanaimo. The best way to enjoy is that just go where your feet is taking you and do not be afraid to try things out. Bon appetite!…

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