What to Look for in Your Nanaimo Home Inspector

In buying a new home, home inspectors play a huge role in making sure that your money will land on the house you really dream of. Hiring a great inspector means going through thorough research as to what to look for in a home inspector. Lucky for you, we list down some of the things to look out for to score the best home inspector, plus get the most out of your home inspection.

Ask About Experience and Certifications. It is important, obviously, that the person you are hiring has certifications on the field in question. Make sure you hire someone who does inspections full time rather than as a side job. “How long has the inspector been in business?”, “How many inspections as he or she done?”, and “Has he or she taken specialized courses?” are some of the questions you could ask to weigh the experience of the inspector in-field.

When the time comes that you found yourself looking for a home inspection Nanaimo, just look back to these criteria to contract the home inspector your dream house needs.

Ask if the inspector is a member of the Professional Inspectors’ Group. Though home inspector who belongs to a professional organization isn’t a guarantee of quality, it does show a degree of professionalism and training. When they are part of an organization or group, you are guaranteed that the inspector you are looking at is well-briefed and reliable.

Get copies of license and insurance documents. As much as possible, a qualified home inspector will provide copies of his or her license and proof of insurance. Many, though not all, states require home inspectors to be licensed. This adds to the liability of the home inspector you are hiring.

Read reviews on Angie’s List, Yelp and Google. One easy way to know your home inspector is to ask their past clients about their experience of the home inspection handled by that inspector. You could also read online reviews that the inspector doesn’t control to ensure accuracy.

Choose an inspector who wants you around during the entire inspection. It’s okay to let the experts do their thing but being there as they’re doing their work helps you know the house better and allows you to ask questions and be updated of the house condition in real time. Home inspectors who don’t need a reminder to ask you to join the entire inspection signify that you’re in good hands.

Ask what won’t be included and how to find out the condition of those items. The scope of the inspection varies from season to season. In colder climates, for example, the roof, deck, patio, driveway and other exterior features can’t be inspected when they are covered with snow. It’s best to access first the area and season before scheduling an inspection.

Ask for a sample report. Any great home inspector should have their home inspection reports displayed on a website or handed to you. Check if the reports are clearly written and how they are formatted. Presented with a photo, identifying the defect, explaining why it matters and suggesting what should be done to fix it are what to look for in a good report.