Local Businesses

The Nanaimo Airport Terminal aims to primarily make a positive economic development not only to the terminal but also to the community of Nanaimo. The airport is committed to the development of potential commercial opportunities at the Nanaimo Airport. It is planned to create an attractive business development and environment with reasonable leasing terms for those who are interested in partaking in the economic growth of Nanaimo.

The operation of the airport is under the care of Canadian Aviation Regulation 705 for providing scheduled passenger service. Thus it is in 100% accordance with the Canadian Aviation Regulations. Furthermore, the Nanaimo Airport Terminal operates for air traffic 24 hours every day.

Nanaimo Airport Terminal is located 500 acres in the exquisite scenery of the Vancouver Island. The central surroundings of the airport have a total population of over 260,000 and serve over 312,000 passengers yearly. The airport is also near to the Island Highway which makes it just 15 minutes south of Nanaimo – this is an excellent opportunity to establish business and support the growing needs of the local communities and tourists. There is also a broad range of services and amenities such as: Scheduled and Chartered Airlines, Car Rental Agencies, Ground Transportation Companies, Courier/Cargo companies, Restaurant, Pay Parking area for both short and long term. There are also many small businesses surrounding the general area such as: Caterers, Custom home builders, plumbers and electricians.


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